Thai Girl looking for Boyfriend

Thai Girl – Yhupha

Sawadee My name is Yhupha and I am a Thai Girl in Surin. So, my name is Yhupha and I am the oldest of 3 sisters. We live in a Thai small village in Surin.

I am looking for a Boyfriend from Sweden or Norway. So, I have an aunt and her Husband is nice to be around and I hope I can find a good man like that in Sweden.

But I hope that I can find love in My Thai Cupid and I hope someone is from Sweden that dream about love and a Thai Girlfriend.

So, I am like many other Thai Girls I am fun and I love to joke and I love to cook and eat food. I love to read books about a love story.

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Also, I love that bee with a big family dinner that sits and drink and talks.

So, I hope I can find a man that been in Thailand and know about Thai life. Maybe you can some words Thai that is a Good Thing for me. I see they have Pod 101 Learn Thai Today.

If you want to learn Thai and I Been trying that free English and Swedish pod 101, I want my English to be more good. Now google help me a bit and my aunt Pim.

So, what is your dream Thai Girl? I hope I can be the one that you can love. I know is many Thai Girl on Thai Cupid and Asian Me.

But I hope this will make you happy and ay yes to me. Therfore, I hope you send me a message and I will try Asian Me come and look for me Hug Yhupha

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