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Thai Girl – Phontip

Your future Thai Girlfriend

HI! I am Phontip and I am a Single Thai Girl and I live in Phuket. I am a Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend and to find that love all Girls looking for.

I am Born in Bangkok and my family is still in Bangkok. But after school and I study in Tourism and Hotels I go to Phuket to work in a bigger hotel.

I love all the speed and to learn new things but I also see true love with Farangs and Thai Girls. I see American Guys, Swedish Guys and Australians Guys that finds love.

I want to do that to you guys is so good to your Thai Girlfriends so sweet and so much love. Also, I see these Thai Girls that shine and be Full of love.

That’s why I’m probably a little jealous of you guys and girls. It’s why I come to the internet and to My Thai Cupid I been looking on the links Thai and Asian Dating.

But I don’t know where I will start. I think it will be here on My Thai Cupid. So, Guys, I am a good Young Thai Girl that can be yours.

So, I have a nice slim body I think? I am a sweet girl that loves to make you happy if you are sweet and soft to me I don’t like drama.

I want a simple life, tell you what you want and think and let’s work on a future together. I’m not much for games and guess what you want.

What I want is that man that know what he wants and that he is romantic and that he want to hug and kiss me and ….. you know. Girls want that too. Hug Phontip

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