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Thai Girl – Nook

Thai Girl looking for a husband

HI! I am Nook and I am a Single Thai Girl that is looking for a Husband. My Name is Nook and I am a Thai Girl that lives in Nakhon Si Thamarat.

So, I come to My Thai Cupid to find love and a Husband to marry. I like to tell you about my friend that spend the last year in Bangkok.

She didn’t tell me about My Thai Cupid and the man she meets. Ha Ha Ha She finds love on My Thai Cupid and tonight she gets married her in Nakhon Si Tamarat.

This is one of my photos on me from that night and I wish I can find a man that I can love. They look so much in love and I want to have this feeling in my heart.

Also, I want to meet a man that has a big smile and is nice to be around. You don’t need to be good looking and sexy like a model.

But you need to be nice to me and a bit romantic is not hard and I love a man with a big stomick that I can hug and be close too.

So, Don’t worry and try to send me an email and tell me what you think about me and my photo. I hope I can be your wife and make you happy.

Therefore I like to tell you about me and my life. I am a Thai Girl that work in a small shop that sells eyeglasses and eye lenses.

I am happy and I live in a small house with a friend. We are renting this house from a family member that is living in America.

I love to be around friends and I love to have friends coming and eat and listen to music. I like to find a good guy. Hug Nook

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