Thai Girl looking for Boyfriend

Thai Girl – Tum

Hi! I am a single Thai Girl that searching for a Boyfriend. So, I am a Tum a Thai Girl in Phuket. I love Phuket for all the nature in Phuket.

So, I have a job in a restaurant in a hotel. I do the breakfast and I have a motorbike rental that I open after my morning job.

I love to work and I can not see me as someone that lives on a boyfriend. My family is hard working and we have restaurants and shops and a construction company.

So, I grow up in a family that loves to work and I try all from sell flowers to cleaning. I am not like other Thai Girl I believe in work.

But I start to be old ha ha ha. So, I am a 26 years old Thai Girl that love to be with friends. Also, I love to travel and I do that as much as I can.

So, I looking for a nice man that is a bit older and is ready for a real relationship. Maybe a family and a little Girl or a Boy that we can love.

I wish that you are a nice guy that loves to be in Thailand and maybe talk a bit Thai. I hope you are fun and like to talk to people.

So, what you think about me? Do you want me to be your Thai Girlfriend? Just send me a mail or a message and tell me a bit about you. Hug Tum

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