Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Peen

HI! I am a Single Thai Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend or Husband. My name is Peen and I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok.

I am a University Girl and I just finish my study and now I am free to start a new life. I love my life in Bangkok but I always been dreaming of a new life abroad.

So, I don’t know where will bring me. But I hope Love will take me to a country like Australia, America, or maybe a Sweden that many talk good about.

But my wish is just to find a good man that is sweet and nice to talk to. A man that is romantic and easy to fall in love with.

Also, I can make you happy. Love is not only one way, But Love is also to share all in life. That is what I think about love.

I am both expectant but also little afraid of the unknown a guy that I maybe meet. Will he be good to me and keep me safe.

It’s so many things a Thai Girl most think about. Do you maybe have the same feelings about me as your Thai Girlfriend?

I can understand that too. Is a big step but I love to try to find you and start to talk. If you like to come to Bangkok one day I will be happy.

So, I hope you love my Photo on me. I hope you get the right feeling about me so you try to contact me. I will wait for you. Big Hug Peen

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