Thai Girl in Forest

Thai Girl – Yen

Hi! I am a single Thai Girl and my wish is to find a Boyfriend. My name is Yen and I am a Thai Girl that live in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

You can look on Google map and see my city if you want that. Nakhon Si Thammarat is a nice place to live in is a place Thai people go too.

So, I am a Thai Girl that love to travel and when I can find a Waterfall I love to go and look on it. I don’t remember what waterfall is but I think It is in Chiang Mai.

We have many waterfalls in Nakhon Si Thammarat that are nice to look on. We have Beaches and nice cost line that Thai People love.

So, I am a Single Thai Girl that love to travel. Also, I love to listen to music and I love Tik Tok and some time I do a clip.

I am a happy Thai Girl that love to dance and have fun with my friend. So, I looking for a man that can and want to be my Boyfriend now and when the time come be my husband.

You must be a good man that loves Thailand and you must love to travel. I hope you been in Thailand? if not you will come to Thailand to meet me when the time is right.

Also, you need to meet my family and friends but mostly my family so they know that you are good for me. I also hope we can travel a bit in Thailand.

Before we make Visa so I can travel to your home country and be with you as your Thai Girlfriend. So, now is your turn send me a mail and tell me about you. Hug Yen

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