Thai Girl – Poi

Sawadee I am Poi 23 years old Thai Girl from Khon Kaen I live in a small Thai village my family is a farming family.

I have been living in Bangkok to finish my school in Hotel and Tourism and now. But for the last year, I have been home to think about the future.

Therefore, I come to My Thai Cupid to find love. I hope I will find an American guy that want to bee a part of my life and in time we can move back to Thailand and start an adventure.

I like to find a warm guy that is happy and easy to bee with that love Thailand. Also, I hope you want in time to move to Thailand in maybe 10 years’ time.

Do you have dreams like me? A life on the beech late nights with nice people. A Guest Hose or a Bar or what you think and dream about?

I have dreams, what are your dreams about the future? Do you have dreams about another place and country? Give me your life dream and make it to mine.

All from LOVE to work and dream I am not that Thai Girl that just want to sit home and wait for your money. Hug Poi

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