Thai Girls – Pee and Nook

Hi! My name is Pee and my best Thai friend is Nook. We are two Thai Girls that looking for love and if we are lucky.

Therefore, We hope that we can find tow single American Guys that live in the same city. So, we are two Thai Girls from Nan.

We live in a small Thai village we spend all over time together. So, we are like sisters, but we are just best friends that live next door.

Also, I say we want to meet two Single American Guys. But we are open to meet guys from other country’s just you guys need to be a gentleman and live close together.

So, l do you want to have me or Nook? So, we look all most the same but is a bit different and we hope you love us. I am a happy Thai Girls that love the home life.

Also, we love to cook food to over families and sometimes we make some small party and cook some Thai food and buy some Thai Beer like Leo or Chang.

This is the Thai Beer over family’s love to drink. After we eat, we sit and talk about village life and what is the latest news about Thai Girls and guys.

We do the most work around over homes like cooking and cleaning and all that. So, do you want to have a real Thai Girlfriends?

Not a crazy city Thai Girl that just spend money all day on shopping? We are that good real Thai Girlfriend that is good for you. Hug Pee and Nook

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