Thai Girl – Lampan

Hi! It’s just me a single Thai Girl looking for you. Yes, you a Single lonely man that need a Thai Girlfriend that can give you love every day.

I am That Thai Girl! I Am a Thai Girl, Single, lonely, and the most important thing I can be your Thai Girl if you want and if you can be a good boyfriend to me.

Therefore, I come to My Thai Cupid to see if I can find love and I hope for an American Husband. I have been looking at other Thai dating sites like Thai Cupid.

But I hope My Thai Cupid will be the right Thai Dating site for me. Also, I love to tell you I live in Bangkok and I work at a Cinema in Bangkok.

Are a good work and I can go and look at all new romantic movie that we Thai Girls love to look on. But I love to look on Star Wars and other movies like that.

I love Fantasy and I love the new Predator movie. Sometimes I wish they can show old classic like Alien but NO.

So, this is my life I am not that Thai Girl with 100 of other Thai Girls around me. I only have 2 – 3 real friend and my family in Chang Mai they live in a smaller village near a smaller town.

But my life is in Bangkok I love the speed and I love my life and my work. So, I hope you love my life and want me to be a part of your life.

I hope you are like me crazy about movies and popcorn and soda. So, don’t be lonely come and talk to me and make me your Thai Girlfriend. Big Hug your lonly Thai Girlfriend Lampan.

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