Happy Thai Girl looking for a Husband

Thai School Girl looking for a boyfriend

Thai Girl – Namfon

Single Thai Girl looking for a Husband

Hi! I am Namfon and I am a Thai Girl that looking for a Husband. So, I come to Mythaicupid to try to find love is not easy for a single Thai Girl.

I live in Surin and I have my family in Buriram it’s not so long away. But I try to go 2 or 3 times a month to see that all is okay with my family.

They live in a Small Thai village and live to grow rice and corn. I always love to go home and help my dad cut Rice and Corn.

It’s was my little sister that sends me to My Thai Cupid. She says you do not love Thai Guys so go online and try to find a good website like My Thai Cupid.

So, Now is Time to try to find a good guy. I have been looking at my mobile for a good photo. I remember this Photo is about 1 year ago.

That day I was so happy I remember that day I was feeling lucky and I hope this will give me luck today when I looking for True Love.

Also, I feel happy today I will try to find a man that I can make happy. So, I also hope that you want to make someone happy too.

So, what man can be my Husband? I looking for a nice man that talk a bit sweet but not too much. But also a man that is not only thinking about himself.

I hope that I can find a man with a big heart that loves to hug and be romantic. Maybe you love flowers as I do.

Ha Ha Ha you maybe get a chance to give me a Red rose or many more Red roses. That is a dream of my to get a Red rose from a man that I Love. Hug Namfon

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