Thai Girl – Parang

Hello! My name is Parang and is a 21 year old Thai Girl who lives and works in Bangkok. I am a Single Thai Girl who works at a large Gym in Bangkok.

My work It’s as a personal trainer and helps our clients to achieve the right goals in life. I have been trained my whole life and I have tried many different sports such as swimming, running, climbing and much more.

But I am an open and cheerful Thai Girl who unfortunately is a single Thai Girl and largely because I always dreamed about meeting a man from Europe.

My work stop my dating life. It doesn’t look good if I go out with clients on a date here in Bangkok. It would not look good to me and it would not be liked by my boss.

It simply would not look good. I am not such a Thai Girl who you can sleep with after the first date. I demand respect and dignity and then we discuss what can and cannot do later.

But a hug and a kiss is not a problem, I can promise you when we meet. I enjoy an active life and like to go out and go swimming in the sea, walk in the forests and mountains.

I like to meet a man who is like-minded. I would like to learn to fish and I would like to see snow. I would like to live close to nature if we live in your country. I hope you will write to me. Hug Parang

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