Thai Girl – Pee

Sawadee I am a 22 year old Single Thai Girl named Pee and living in Pattaya. Near Bangkok, my family has a small Hotel with 15 rooms plus a small apartment that we live in.

We have had it pretty well but last year we had less people. So it becomes difficult for my family who is looking to rent and move to Korat, where we come from.

I am 22 and have not much desire and move back there. But I do not want to start working on Waking Street to the famous street in Pattaya where all the Go-Go bars are and Beer bars.

So I started searching on the internet and found this page. But I want to live abroad and with a nice man in the appropriate age.

And now that the family had to move so I can also take the opportunity to change lives. To change my life and move to a future boyfriend is with I think is best for me.

I have no great demands only you are nice to me and you do not smoke. So will all work out for the best for you and me?

I like to cook and I can take care of a home. I like to work and be in. I speak pretty good English so that my family does too. Hugs and Kisses Pee

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