Thai Girl – Noi

Hello! My name is Noi and is a 19 year old Single Thai Girl. I am a Thai Girl who lives next to the Thai River Kwai in Thailand. I heard about My Thai Cupid of a Thai friend.

My say friend she meets her boyfriend in the old My Thai Cupid. She Says it has a new look but I like it so much now when I see it.

So I thought I would try to hit a good boyfriend through My Thai Cupid. I would love to meet a nice fun and kind foreign man a Farang who wants to see a funny and good Thai Girl.

I work in a shop that sells motorcycles. I have many interests and one of my interests are history and the Internet is wonderful because there’s so much interesting to read and learn.

I live next to the River Kwai is also one place that has a lot of Thai history and that was how my interest started.

My Thai teacher wanted us to write about the war and then we begin to read and then open up a whole new world for me and since then my interest in the Thai and Asian History has only increased.

My Thai friends probably think I’m a little crazy I think but I hope there is someone who is crazy like me. Who wants to share my interests and my life?

If you want to be my boyfriend write a few lines I will write back soon big hug from your Noi Thailand

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