Sexy Thai Girlfriend

Thai Girl – Noi

HI! I am Noi and I am young 18 years old Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a young Thai Girl in Bangkok and I hope you want to be in my life.

So, I am Noi the youngest in my family. I have a sister in Sweden Thanks to My Thai Cupid is now 5 years ago she moved to Sweden.

I have another sister that is in America a city near the border to Canada. She meets him in the hotel that she was working in the hotel reception.

I don’t know where life and love and Cupid will take me? But maybe you that see this can tell me where you want me to live?

Also, I hope that I will meet a guy that is 100% determined to meet his Thai Girlfriend here on the internet. But also can build a friendship with some fun talk.

But I like to tell you about my life. I am a Young hard-working Thai Girl I am an internet Girl I love technology and computers.

So, I have taken courses in programming and building apps for mobiles I belives this is the future here in Thailand and Asia.

I have a job now in a small It company in Bangkok. So, I do web sites and I do apps for mobiles. I love my life but I love to meet a man that I can build a future with.

Also, I looking for a man with dreams and a man that in time want a family. I want to have a man that wants to make money and have a good life.

So, I can make good money on my computer and I already have good money on my bank for Thai people. So, send me a message and let us talk about love, friendship, and life. Hug Noi

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