Thai Girl looking for love

Thai Girl – Bee

Thai Girl love to find a boyfriend

HI! I am Bee a single Thai Girl that hope to be a Good Thai Girlfriend to an American man. I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok my real name is Bedelia but my friends say, Bee.

So, I live in Bangkok but I grow up in Pattaya. My family still live in Pattaya. Mom and dad have a small restaurant and they are happy.

I live in Bangkok and I have an office job and I am a small boss for my Team. I have that I think is good to have a car that I love and I have a nice apartment that is mine.

But the only thing I miss in my life is a man. I am open to talk about where we will live. If you want we can have a life in Thailand and Bangkok.

Or do you want your Thai Girlfriend to live with you in your country? That is an option that is okay for me too if you are the right man.

So, I just find My Thai Cupid and I also find many other Asian Dating sites. Maybe I will try one of the Thai dating sites they have there.

But just now, I am in Love on My Thai Cupid. Also, I will tell you what I hoping for is a man that wants to work if you not a millionaire.

I don’t want to have a man that drinks all day and all night. I want you to have a life yes you can drink I don’t care but some limits OKAY.

A life for a man with no Beer or Whisky is not a life, right? Ha Ha Ha. I looking for a man that cares about me, A man that is fun and open to new things. that is all. Hug Bee

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