Thai Girl – Pim

HI! I am Pim and I am a Thai Girl in Chiang Mai. So, my dream as a single Thai Girl is to find a Boyfriend and find that love all Girls dream about.

Also, I love to find a Swedish man that is lonely and need someone to make him happy. I have an older sister in Stockholm and I was in Sweden last year.

I love to pick mushroom and I love Swedish nature. But also I love Swedish people they are so nice and nice to talk to when you go out shopping or just take a coffee.

I love the old town and the king’s castle I go and all the Vasa museum. I love Swedish History is something I did not think much about before.

So, I hope I can meet you that love a bit of history and maybe I will love to listen to all your knowledge about history.

You know I love to listen to people. Also, that can give me the knowledge and give me something new to think about.

But I, not a Thai Girl that love History books but I am open to learning and I like to go and see old thinks and I believe it builds you up.

But in my free time, I am more for cooking and a movie. maybe some time I like to go out with my friends and dance a bit.

I hope you are like me and like the slow out life a beer and talk to your friend. So, If you think I can be your Thai Girlfriend? Send me a message. Hug Pim

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