Thai Girl on the water looking to be your Thai Girlfriend

Thai Girl – Nam

Thai Girl on the water looking to be your Thai Girlfriend

Hi! Guys, I am Nam a Single Thai Girl that is looking for a man that looking for a Thai Girlfriend. My dream is to be that lucky Thai Girl that find love.

So, I am Nam a Thai Girl in Bangkok. I love Bangkok rivers and I love to sit and look on the water that passes by.

So, I wish to be a good man’s Thai Girlfriend. Also, I hope I can find true love and begin something new with much love, Hug’s, and Kisses.

So, what I am hoping for? I think on a man that makes me happy and laugh. A man that loves Thai food so I can cook and make him happy.

So, I looking for that man that know about Thai life. That know that I most take care of mom and my dad that still live in a small village up in Ubon.

Do you maybe know? Many Thai Girls help our family’s with small bills like the electric bill. I hope that you think on this if I go to your country.

It’s so important that I feel safe and don’t worry about family. So, I can give you all my power and my love to you.

Also, you make me proud and I can tell my mom and dad that I have a Good Boyfriend. That my future Husband have a good heart also love them.

So, I wish to be your Thai Girlfriend if you want me? So, send me a message and tell me about your dreams and what you dream about.

Love, romantic and over future life together. Do you want children? or what are your dreams? are you dreaming about life in Thailand? Or Hug Nam

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