Thai Girl looking for love

Thai Girl – Boom

Thai student looking for boyfriend

HI! I am Boom A Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok and I still go to school and I study computer software.

So, I come to to find love and I been looking on some of the Thai and Asian Dating sites that I can try later if…

But for now I want to try this nice Thai dating site. I was on my way to Thai Cupid but en it up on My Thai Cupid.

The problem I think for me is I not so sexy as some of the other Thai Girls that is on Thai Cupid. So, I think this is for me I can show I have a hert.

I hope I can find a man that can see my heart. So, I also hope to find a man that are sweet and happy and that can make me happy.

I don’t care so much about age and look. But I care about your Heart and that you are good to me and my family that I have in Korat.

So, I hope I can meet a Swedish man or German man My older sister is living with her Boyfriend soon her Husband they will be marryd in October.

My friend is living in Berlin in Germany is why I hope for Germany too. But I looking most for a man around Europe. It’s a place I like to live in.

Also, I been travel a bit with car, I been in Germany, Danmark, Norway, Sweden, and I been Findland too. They have a big ship going on a cruss for 24 Houers.

I love that ship it’s was nice and have tax free shop too. So, Do you want me to be your Thai Girlfriend? Hug Boom

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