Thai Girl looking for love

Thai Girl – Phontip

Hi! I am Phontip and I am a Single Thai Girl that hope to be your Thai Girlfriend. I am a Thai Girl that live in Chang Mai with my younger Sister.

So, I am Phontip and I am the oldest in my family. My sister’s name is Namfon and she is a sweet young 17 years old Thai Girl.

She lives with me and she is studying and on the evening,s she work on 7/11 shop down on the corner. We have a good life together.

But I see other Thai Girls that go online to be someone’s Thai Girlfriend. I have a friend in Bangkok and she finds an American Guy on Asian Me.

She opens a profile here on fist. But at the same time, she opens a profile on Asia Me. I don’t know what happens?

but he loves the story on So, they have been dating now for a 6-7 month. He will soon come to Bangkok to be together for 3 weeks.

I hope for a romantic story like that full of love. Also, I See my friend message from some of you single guys and you are the best romantic and Sweet.

I hope that I can be lucky to meet one of you guys on Asia Me. So, I am a 21 years old Thai Girl I have a Job in an Ice Cream shop.

I love to read books and I love long walks and I play guitar and I sing a bit to when I am lonely. So, are you a single man? Send me a message today. Hug Phontip

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