Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Nam

Sawadee, I am a Single Thai Girl that looking for love. My name is Nam and I am a Thai Girl live in Bangkok’s suburbs.

But I work in a new Hi-end bar in Bangkok that you can find in Bangkok. I love my job is fun and great and I love it.

I do the most in the bar. Help in the kitchen and I get to learn a lot of cooking skill. I help in the Bars we have 2 and I get to learn about whiskey and wine.

Is so fun and is so many different tastes on whiskey that I didn’t know about. Before it was just whiskey but I am a big whiskey fan now.

I love Bowmore and before I just drink Hong Tong and soda water. So, I looking for a man that love whiskey like me.

So, I love to meet a man that is fun and good to be around. A man that that is easy to talk with and that is a gentleman.

Also, maybe like a bit like a little older and preferably financially stable. You do not have to be rich but a home and a good job.

Also, If you get me as your Thai Girlfriend you get a fun, caring Thai Girlfriend. A Thai Girlfriend that hate facebook and all that social app’s.

So, Yes I have a smartphone but I hate what it does to my friends and me. I only have what I really need like the bank and so on.

So, Now you know a bit about me and my life. I hope you like it and try to meet me. I don’t like bullshit and Games. Hug Nam

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