Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Ying

Sawadee Guys, I am a Single Thai Girl what wish to find a Boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl and my dream is to find an Asian Guy Korean or A Guy that live in Hong Kong.

A friend has a Korean Boyfriend. It’s why I looking for a Korean Guy and I love Korean Guys they are fun and friendly.

And in Hong Kong, I have parts of my Thai family my brother and his Hong Kong wife. I love Hong Kong and I love the speed in Hong Kong.

So, I don’t know if there is someone in Hong Kong or Korean that is on My Thai Cupid. Hong Kong People look most on Hong Kong I think.

I am a Thai Girl and a member of that and is free but I was hoping have more people. They are American in Hong Kong and many others that live in Hong Kong.

Also, I am Thai Girl that travel a lot between Hong Kong. I have a good job in a Thai Company that makes me travel a lot to Hong Kong

and some time to Korea that is a new market for me. But in my free time, I love to walk around in Hong Kong and meet all the people and I love all the Asian food.

I think Bangkok and Hong Kong is the best place for food lovers like me. You can find Asian, Thai European to American Food.

Is why I love to travel so much. But my family some time think I travel too much. I don’t know if that is true but I also think is time to get a new life.

Do you want to be a part of my new life? Send me your photo and send me a story and your email so we can talk. Hug Ying

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