Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Ting

HI! I am a Thai Girl that looking for you and my future Husband. My name is Ting and I am a Single Thai Girl in Bangkok.

I come from Surin but I live in Bangkok with the other Thai Girl from Bangkok. She meets an American man on

So, I was thinking Maybe I can be a lucky Thai Girl. You don’t need to be an American man but I can only talk Thai and a bit of English.

I just looking for true love and no games. Also, no nude cams like my friend say some bad guys want to do. Why are guys so stupid?

I love to meet a real man that can wait for that day and that night when it will happen. So, I am A Thai Girl that live and work in Bangkok.

I have a job in a Hotel in Bangkok. I work in an office. So, I do all the fun bills and all those things and if someone calls is me that answer.

Ha ha ha Don’t call all hotels in Bangkok and ask for Ting. I think we can talk on my Line when I get to know you.

I am looking for you who is confident in your self and that love new experiences and culture. A man that love to meet new people and try new foods.

So, do you think I can be your Thai Girlfriend? If so send me a mail and tell me some think about you and your life and what you do. Hug Ting

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