She hope to be your Thai Girlfriend

Thai Girl – Daw

Thai Girl hope to find a Boyfriend to love

HI! I am Daw a Single Thai Girl and I hope that someone wants me to be there Thai Girlfriend. So, as you see I am a Thai Girl that live in the forest.

I and my family live in the forest as you see. My dad gave me my name Daw. So, I look at the internet and it says my name meaning is Bright and beautiful stars.

I think is right my dad says I am his star that makes his life bright. Therefore, I hope I can make a man’s life happy and bright.

So, I can make him smile when he comes home. I hope I can cook Thai food and we can have fun and we can look at Tv and sit close to each other and hug.

So, I it in the dark and think on you that I don’t know and smile on the romantic parts that can happen
when 2 people are in love.

I can just see your bright eye’s and your smile. But it’s that’s enough for me. I just dreaming a bit and I hope you have my photo so you can dream about me.

Also, I hope you want to come to Thailand the other part of Thailand the forest and nature. I sometimes go to Bangkok to help my older sister.

So, I am not only a forest Girl, But I love this place and someone needs to help my dad. My younger sister also lives this small village and I make her go to school.

I am a hard Thai Girl hahaha. So, Do you want to talk to me send me a message? Dream now I am your Thai Girlfriend. Big Hug Daw

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