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Thai Girl – Tippiwan

HI! My dream as a Single Thai Girl is to find a Korean or Japanese boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl that is from Bangkok but now I live in Rayong.

I am a happy Thai Girl that have a small place where I cook the food that I sell. It’s just a small restaurant nothing like a 5 star but is only my place.

So, I cooking and I clean and shop all that you need to do and I love it. I cooking Nudels and Tom yum soup that I love to cook.

So, I been in Rayong for the last 3 years now and is good but is time to get a boyfriend. I have been on Japanese Cupid and look around and I been on Korean Cupid.

But I don’t know But I see this Mythaicupid.com and I hope is not only American and European guys that come to My Thai Cupid it’s must be some Asian Guys to?

So, Girls hunt the other guys and let me have my Asian Boyfriend. So, I looking for a guy that loves to travel to Thailand and love Thai Nudels and Thai food.

Also, I love a strong guy that knows what he wants and maybe is some years older than me. You have a good life and you love to travel.

So we can have the best of Thailand and your country. I hope for a man that looking for a Thai Girlfriend that later can be his Thai Wife.

I looking for that true love that they say you can not find. So, are you looking for true love?
So send me a message. Hug Tippiwan 너의 사랑을 간절히 바라고있어.

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