Thai Girl in Rice field

Thai Girl – Nam

Thai Girl in Rice field looking for love and a boyfriend

HI! I am a Single Thai Girl that looking for love and a Boyfriend. I live in a small village in the north part of Thailand and my family have a lot of rice feels as you see.

So, You maybe wonder why I come to and not like a big dating site like Thai Cupid that I see too on

But my best friend that is a Thai Girl in Bangkok was lucky to find a German boyfriend on Mythaicupid. So, I hope Mythaicupid will give me some luck too.

Also, I will not push my luck with Cupid. So I will not say I want an American or Asian Boyfriend,  I will let you try your luck on me.

So, What I looking for is a fun nice man that I can love may be a bit older. I just have my  20 years birthday party so maybe you are 30 or 35 years old.

I don’t have much on my list but smoking is something I don’t like too much. You can drink is okay for me but I hope you have some control and nut turn angry when you get drunk.

So, I don’t think this 2 is thinks is to much to ask for in a man. I think on my safety I don’t want a man that beat his wife when he is drunk.

So, what about me and what I love to do. I love to grow my dragon fruit and I have a big Chili Farm that give me and my family money so we have a good life.

Some maybe say that we are poor and not having money. But we have a live without stress and we live for our family. So, do you want  me as your Thai Girlfriend. Hug Nam

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