Thai Girl – Tui

Hello! My name is Tui A Single Thai Girl and today I am on one of Thailand’s naval bases for today the show the naval base to the public.

I am here with my sister’s son because he loves the Navy and the large naval vessel does he wants to be a Thai naval officer when he grows up,

to protect Thailand and I’m here to look at hot and good looking guys in uniform. There’s nothing like going up against an officer and a gentleman in uniform.

But this my sister’s son do not know about, a haha. I am writing this on because I would like to meet an officer and gentleman.

I hope I can meet you here on I live in Hua Hin with my sister and her son. Our mother, father and grandmother live in Chiang Rai.

We have a small village store that they manage. I am a single Thai Girl who loves children and dream to have children with a good man who is mature, but the child within.

My English is not great but you know what I mean. I am a nice Thai Girl who likes to cook Thai food and I like to have many friends around me. Hope that you write to me so I can tell you more about me. Hug Tui in Phuket

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