Thai Girl – Nam

Sawadee I am a Nam Single Thai Girl and my name is Nam and I live in Surin with my family. I’m looking for a good boyfriend.

I live with my parents in the countryside outside Korat. Here where I live, there is only rice Fields and no jobs.

We are many that and I like to play HI-LO and other Thai games to get some money so I can go and shop and help my family pay for power and other things.

But I am always careful becomes Thai polis all was looking for Thai people gambling. It is not allowed in Thailand to gamble.

But I enjoy being with my family and friends and play games sometimes. I am a young Thai Girl who wants out in the world and try new things and meet new people.

I want to go to school and learn Thai massage so I can get a dream come true. I dream to open a Thai Massage salon with the man i can love.

I hope you are here on But above all, I dream to meet a good man and get my own family. Sincerely Nam

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