Thai Girl – Ploy

Sawadee My name is Ploy and I am a single Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. I looking for you a single guy that dream about a Thai Girl that you can love.

I come to My Thai Cupid to find love and I hope you are coming too. Is my first time on this Thai Dating site so I hope someone will see me.

So, I am Ploy a Thai Girl that lives in Bangkok with my sister. I have a job in one of Bangkok’s Tollbooths is a good job for me and I see new people all the time.

Some days I see guys that have Thai Girlfriends with them and I daydream that I will be that Thai Girlfriend or Thai Wife with that sexy guy from America.

Or that Thai Girl with that Guy With that Swedish flag on his T-shirt. Who is waiting for me a regular Thai Girl with a big heart of love?

I hope that you see my story and like to talk to me. So, I think that will be a good way to get to know I Have Line app and Viber.

I hope you are a bit romantic and have time to build a relationship I promise I will not run away. I hope that you want me as your Thai Girlfriend also

want to come to Bangkok and meet me. I think it will make it safer for us both. And the best we can travel a bit in Thailand and my family can meet you. Send me a message and a number I can call Hug Ploy

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