Thai Girl – Noi

HI! I am a single Thai Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend. A man, that is looking for a long time relationship and I hope you want to marry a Thai Girl in the future.

So, I am Noi a Thai Girl that is from Nakhon Si Tamarat. I have a job in a Hospital that I love. I not a nurse but I clean and make it look nice for people.

This is the first time I try to do internet dating. My best friend in Bangkok was talking about Thai cupid but I find My Thai Cupid.

I will try both It cannot be bad right? I hope you guys do not think so. My dream is to find a man that love to find a Thai Girlfriend that is good and have a big heart.

I think I am that Thai Girl That can make a man happy. I love to cook Thai Food and I love to BBQ Fish I also love to BBQ Tiger Prawns.

So, You know I hope you love Prawns Because If you will eat a lot of them Ha ha ha. So, About you, I think you are some years older than me.

I think you been in Thailand. Also, now you felling that is time to end your single life. And to find a Thai Girl like me that can make you happy.

Also, One Thai Girl that will cook you Thai Food and talk to you so you not be lonely and miss Thailand. I hope that we can have a good life.

I hope we can spend much time in Thailand too. Facebook is one thing but I need to see my family time to time so you know.

So, Do you want to try Love and meet me? Come and talk and we see if we can be together in the future. Send me a message and maybe a photo can be good. Hug Noi

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