Thai Girl – Lin

Sawadee My name is Lin and I am a Thai Girl that live in Chiang Mai. As a Single Thai Girl, I come to My Thai Cupid to find love and an American Husband.

I know what I want, and I love America where I been 2 times before. The American I meet is nice people and I hope someone sees my profile on My Thai Cupid.

I am a Happy and a bit Crazy Thai Girl. I love to meet new people and I can talk a bit English so is no problem for me to travel.

My dream is to find that Thai Girl dream man that is nice and love to be romantic to his Thai Girlfriend. I am a Thai Girl that love Red roses I love wine but it’s not fun to drink alone.

So, I hope you are like me and maybe you can teach me more about wine. Also, I am good at cooking Thai food.

But I hope you love to BBQ and is good on that because I love American BBQ that I eat in America. So, do you want to meet a sweet Thai Girl that love all about America?

I love to be your Thai Girlfriend and I hope I can be your future Thai Wife. So, Send me your mail and tell me more about your life. Hug Lin

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