Thai Girl – Jum

Hi! My name is Jum and I am a Single Thai Girl. I wish to be someone’s Thai Girlfriend. My hope is to find an American boyfriend.

But one thigs is over all that is your inside your heart. And that you are good inside and nice to me. I need a man that can be soft but a rock when I need it.

My best friend is living in Florida with her American Husband. She loves Florida and the life over there. And her husband is a nice guy. So, I hope I can meet that guy on My Thai Cupid.

I come from Surin in Thailand, but I will live in Bangkok for 1 year to help an old friend to the family.

So, it will give me much of time to grow a relationship with you. And after that time I will be ready to travel to your country you want that.

Therefore, I hope that you see this long time and maybe you love to come to Thailand and Bangkok to meet me. Also, I hope to run away to a romantic place to get to know you.

Therefore, I hope you send me a mail soon and many photos that’s how your life and what you do in your life.

Let’s have a good start and fun befriend and after that, I hope love will come soon after that and soon I can be your Thai Girlfriend that love you deeply. Hug Jum

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