Thai Girl – Bow

Sawadee My name is Bow and I am an single Thai Girl in Korat. So, I was on the way to Thai Cupid when I see this dating site. I love it, so I like to try it too.

I work in a bus company and I look so people pay the ticket. Is a work that I love to meet new people that come on the bus. Some time I see people come from Bangkok.

Thai Girls with there German Boyfriend or American Boyfriend. I like to talk to them, so my English get better. Some time I see the Thai Girls be a bit angry on me.

But I don’t care so much I am on the hunt for my own Boyfriend. So, I hope I can be as happy as the other Thai Girls that I see on the bus.

So, if you want to find love and have someone. To take care and some one that will love you and hug you when you are lonely. I hope I can be that Thai Girl and your Thai Girlfriend. Hug Bow

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