Thai Girl – Oui

HI! My name is Oui and I want to try My Thai Cupid today to see if I can find love. I am a single Thai Girl that been single for a long time.

Also, I have a broken heart after my first love as a young Thai Girl. Guys can be so bad playing with a Thai Girls heart. He breaks my heart just to have fun with his friend.

Is was 4 years ago. So now I like to try to find love overseas. Maybe an Australian man or American man I don’t know. But I am opened to try to see if we are a match in love.

Let me tell you about my life. I come from a small Thai village up north of Thailand is just rice fields and forest around my home.

But now I live in Bangkok with 4 other Thai Girls. We all work in a pub with live music and it’s a lot of people come to have fun.

It’s a hard but fun work long night hours and goes to school 3 days a week. And I like to be a nurse on a hospital when I can finish my school one day.

I want to have a future, I don’t want to live in a man and be a home wife. Also, I love to make over life together and just wait for your money as some Girls want.

So, let see what love can do for us. And some hard work can give us happiness and lucky. Maybe you can come to Bangkok to see me one day. Hug Oui

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