Thai Girl – Areva

Hi! I am Areva a single Thai Girl in Bangkok. So, I come to find me a Husband on My Thai Cupid. I don’t know if this work.

But I hope that is will be a way to meet some good guys. If I am a lucky Thai Girl I will find one man that I can love and get married too.

I am a 21 years old Thai Girl that work in a Cafe and Ice cream bar. So, I just start my job at this place and I am so happy.

Free Ice cream is like a dream and salary. I love strawberry Ice cream and is my first job here in Bangkok. I have been here for the last 3 month.

So, My family comes from a small Thai Village. They are living up in the hills in the north-est parts of Thailand.

I am the oldest in my family. I have 3 younger sisters that I help with my work. What you do for the family. This is like this for many of us Thai Girls.

We work hard and help mom and dad in the village. We have food on the table but is all that extra like school, school bus money, power, and things like that.

So, it just moves to Bangkok and be a strong Thai Girl. I love Bangkok is not like my home village. But is more fun you can go to the Cinema.

I was a lucky Thai Girl when I start to go to the local school in my village. It’s was an American guy that change my life or let say all the children’s life.

He was 60 years old when he moves to Thailand. He builds a new school in the village and he learns the Teacher to talk English and us too.

Is like that in Thailand many can do the spelling but talking English is hard. And This will give the student a problem in Life.

So, I am a lucky Thai Girl, Single, Young? maybe ha ha ha, Sexy? I know I still need to wait and see what you say.

So, Come and talk and if you are a nice man like my dream American man you will win my heart. So, Send me that message I want to have your contacts info. Hug Areva

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