Thai Girl – Anong

Sawadee I am a 21 years old Thai Girl that want to find a boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl that hope that I can meet a man that is a bit older.

So, I am a 21 years old Thai Girl in Phuket. I have a job at THE PiZZA COMPANY in Phuket. What I love to do, is to do a chili pizza.

It’s so spicy I think Tourist will die ha ha ha. Top news Thai lady kills Farang Tourist. Add too much chili on the pizza topping.

I love my Hawaiian Chilli topping or the Seafood with my chili mix. So, I love Pizza it’s is a bit crazy I think. Also, it’s was not a plan to work with pizza.

I get tricked into work in the Pizza Company. Not a bad way but first ha ha ha my best friend make me help her with put on the filling on some pizza.

One of The Thai Girls that was sick and I just walk in and stay all day. I get free Pizza then it slows down and they want me to work some more.

Now I am so happy that I get stuck and I love my job. But life is more than work. So, I love to meet a man that can be a part of my life.

Maybe you have a Pizza shop or have a bar and want to grow that with a Pizza shop. I don’t know what you think about it?

I don’t want to be that Thai Girl that just sit home and do nothing. Like some Thai Girl, I hear about that life with there Farang Boyfriend.

I don’t think is right and is not fun to stay home all the time. So, I want to build over life together if I can. So, do you looking for a Thai Girlfriend?

I am a single Thai Girl that just wait for you. I hope you to take the first step to find love. Therefore, I hope you send me a message. Hug Anong

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