Thai Girls – Bee

Sawadee I am Bee and I am a Single Thai Girl and its why I come to My Thai Cupid to find love. I am looking for Love and a good guy.

I am looking for an American Guy. An American Boyfriend right now that knows what he wants and what he dreams about. I am a Thai Girl that dream about love and Romantic times with you.

I dream about I dream of weddings and flowers, candles, wine, and all that you need for a romantic wedding. I am a Single Thai Girl in Bangkok and work for a big company.

I have a good life I have a big apartment and a fast car that I love to drive around. I come from Surin and my family is still living in a small Thai village with many rice fields.

We have some small lakes like a small Thai village have. I Love to spend my free time with my family and I have dreams about Children and whit that my life must change.

Its why I am looking for a man I talk English, so we will not have any problem with talking and I love to talk to people.

I am looking for a fast relationship. I know what I want, I don’t want to talk for 12 months on the internet and have a problem like some Thai Girls in the office was talking about.

I don’t have the time for that. I know we need to test that we work together and that we can find love in the future.

I hope we can plan a small vacation together if we think we can be tog together. Love is the only thing I am looking for. It’s why I come to My Thai Cupid Hug Bee

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