YouTube – Thai Girls Date A Foreign man

Hi!, Guys, Here is a new Youtube clip that Thai Girls talk about Dating foreign man. Thai Girls is nice to be with and I newer regrets that day when I decided to meet a Thai Girl.

It is important to find out as much as possible of both positive and negative aspects of dating. So, listen to what people say.

Remember all is not black and White. Also, some say DON’T DATE A THAI GIRL !!!! BUT? THE GUY? are we so good? Do you want to be a slave or a TOY?

Guy’s can be bad like a Thai Girl can be bad too. Also, Ha Ha Ha You are always the one that does wrong!!

Culture, language, You say something in English and you think one way, She will think the other way. This can and will make a problem to think about it and work on it.

Thai Girls is good, fun and cook great Thai food that will make you happy. I love Thailand and Thai Girls and they are easy to talk with and easy to love.

Guys, if you are in Thailand! Don’t try to steal a Thai Guys Girlfriend. That can end badly keep it clear crystal clear that you just want to talk.

That is the only real rule that I live by in Thailand. I don’t joke it can end badly a He and his friends can assault or he can kill you.

He can be jealous they don’t care about the police. It is a mine feels that can be explored in a few seconds.

So, if you are in a Thai village in Thailand or in a karaoke bar don’t play games with Thai Girls that have a Thai boyfriend. Have a good time looking at this clip. Admin

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