Thai Girls – Ning

Sawadee I am Ning and I am a Single Thai Girl from Phuket. I am a 21 Years old Thai Girl and I am looking for a Korean boyfriend.

I love Asian Guys, especially Korea and Japanese guys they are so hot. I can talk Korean and Japanese and English.

My mom has a gift shop so as a young Thai Girl I learn a lot of languages. So I can help my mom in the shop. I love Tourist the are for the most time fun and nice to talk to.

I am looking for love. I hope I can find it here on My Thai cupid or on Thai Cupid. I believe in True love and I think I can find it if I work hard and don’t give up.

I hope you are out there on the internet and looking for a Single Thai Girl like me. I hope some Asian man see this and thinking I really want to meet a Thai Girlfriend and get to know here.

I hope you want to find real love, Get married and maybe you want to stay with me in Phuket. Big Hug Your Ning

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