Thai Girl – Zoe

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am a Single Thai Girl. I come from Korat and I grow up in a small Thai village. It’s was a good place to grow up,

but my best Thai friend wants to move to Bangkok to have good work and have more fun. So, we have been now in Bangkok for 3 years it been fun.

But now its time to change life my Thai friend is getting married to a Korean man that live in Bangkok. So, I want to meet a foreign husband I am open to all guys.

Many Thai Girls love Americans Guys me too but my Friend she loves Korean and I think they are fun to talk to and I can talk a bit Korean.

My friend gets me to go and learn to talk Korean. So now I and my friend can talk Thai, Korean and English. I love to learn to talk with foreign people.

Therefore I prefer a foreign Boyfriend and I am open to moving to another country and city to live in. But you must understand!!

I want to go home and have time with my family 1 or 2 time a year if you can not do that for me? Then I think you must look for another Thai Girlfriend.

But for you, that can give me the small things I will love with all my heart and I will give you much love and happiness. Hug Zoe

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