Thai Girl – Ying

Hi! My name is Ying and I am a single Thai Girl. I am a 21 years old Thai Girl that live in Bangkok for the last 2 years.

I work for a company that sells power for rice, so I travel around Thailand to sell over products. I have my company car, so I can drive around to meet new customers.

I love my work because I can see Thailand and nature around when I drive around. I can stop and look at a waterfall or a beautiful forest or mountain.

Almost every day I meet new people its fun and its good for me to build a future sell net. But I love to meet someone that is like me that love to sell and make money in a good way.

So, are you that man? American, Australian or European guy. You like to come to Thailand to work hard with me. To find a product that we can sell and make a good life together.

I love to talk to you and if you are that one that I can love I will be a happy Thai Girl. Let’s see what will happen. Do we find love or not? send me a mail. Hug Ying

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