Thai Girl – Yhupa

Sawadee My name Yupha and I am a 23 year old Thai Girl. I and my friend have a motorcycle shop here in Pattaya. I love my job but I’m a single Thai Girl looking for a man.

I hope you want to live with a Thai Girl. I like to work and I enjoy being independent and not depend on others financially.

I otherwise like other Thai Girls. I love to cook Thai Food. I love Thai Sea Food especially large shrimp, crabs and fish.

I enjoy quiet evenings at home or charming restaurants. I want to do as much in my life, but I do not have a man to share my life with.

So, I want to try and see if you can get answers from someone who knows who I am. You’ll like to travel; you’ll like to live in Thailand.

I have houses and good financially. You don’t need not be rich, but you are welcome to enjoy working for a better life for us.

Maybe you want to have your own business here in Thailand and have a good business idea I will help you help if you want. Big Hug Yupha Pattaya

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