Tha Girl looking for a Boyfriend

Thai Girl – Yada

Thai Girl looking for a Boyfriend

HI! I am Yada a Single Thai Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl and my name is Yada but my friend call me just Yaa.

I am from Surin but I am a Thai Girl that travel a lot. Just now I live in Phuket in a small room in a gust House.

I work with hotels and learn staff to talk English. I learn them to understand you when you talk to them and learn them to Talk English.

Many Thai’s learn English but the problem is they don’t learn to talk English. So, I have a school to learn and, above all, dare to speak English.

It’s scaring to say the wrong word and get the feeling to be stupid. So Guys be nice to Thai People and if they say wrong to try to help them in a nice way.

So, This is me and my life, Next stop is Rayong and I will stay there for 3 months. I have been dreaming to meet a good guy fun and friendly.

So, I have been 3 months here in Phuket. I see Farangs (Western Guys) come with Bar Girls from Patong some even try to get me.

But I can not do that work. But some guys are nice and understand I work and I have a company. I don’t look down on Bar Girls many have no choice if they should meet a good guy.

They cannot write English and then it is difficult to meet anyone on the internet. But back to me, I love to meet a guy that love Thailand and travel around Thailand.

Maybe you can be a part of my life? Help me with my company like do Clip with you talk English. So, Do you want me as your Thai Girlfriend? Send me a message. Hug Yaa

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