Thai Girl on Beach

Thai Girl – Wipa

Hi! I am a Thai Girl that is looking for You that is single and can be my boyfriend. I am Wipa and I am a Thai Girl from Bangkok.

So, I am 19 years old Thai Girl and I am a tourist guide. I work for a tourist guide company. So, I have 2 cities where I work.

So, I spend a lot of my time in Phuket when we have the hi season and the rest of the time in Bangkok and some time they send me to Chiang Mai.

I love Travel in Thailand and meet new people. I meet a lot of Scandinavian people in Phuket and they are so nice to me.

In Bangkok, I have most American and Asian people that I do tours with. I love all this but I also want to find love and a husband.

So, Do you love to travel to Thailand and want to Share your experiences and I maybe able to make your trip more rewarding?

As your Thai Girlfriend, I can tell you things you maybe don’t know. Also, all my history lessons are useful for you and are good for me too.

Now you know a bit about me. I hope it will help you to send that first message. I looking for a Scandinavian man maybe Swedish.

But I am open to other guys too. It’s mostly personality that plays the role I have found in Scandinavian people fun and happy people.

So, are you a good man open fun and easy to talk to and want to meet me? Try to send me a mail and talk a bit maybe we can meet in Bangkok and travel around a bit. Hug Wipa

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