Beautyful Thai Girl

Thai Girl – Wee

Sawadee I am a Thai Girl in Phuket that want to find that man in my life. My name is Wee and I am a single Thai Girl in Phuket.

So, I have a job in a coffee shop we have many company people stop to take a coffee after work or at lunchtime with a friend.

Sometimes I see some American or European people that come and have a meeting with some Thai people. They sit and talk for an hour or so.

So, sometimes I daydream a bit that one of the Foreign men should dare to ask me out. Also, ask if I am single Thai Girl and if we can go out and eat a bit.

I dream that I say yes and it turns in to a real LOVE story and forever loves. So, I am a romantic Thai Girl with a good heart and so much love to give.

Therefore I come to My Thai Cupid to see if I can find love and a nice friendly man that I can give my love to and my put my life in your hands.

Also, I hope you have patience and think a bit before you get angry and maybe start shouting. My friend is married to a Swedish man.

She says that it is easy to miss understanding each other in the beginning. I trust her and L listens to her so I don’t do so much wrong.

So, Do you want me Wee as your Thai Girlfriend? If so send me that message so we can talk and maybe you want or plan to come to Phuket so we can meet for real. Hug Wee

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