Thai Chinese Girl – Wai

Hi! My name is Wai and is a 25 year old Thai – Chinese Girl. I have my own company in Bangkok. It’s helps foreigners to rent out their apartments when it is not in Bangkok.

We take care of everything, rentals, cleaning, keys, money, etc. Things are going well for me. I have 20 clients now and I get 1-2 new clients each month.

But, I am a single Thai-Chinese Girl and my Dad comes from China and meets my mom in Bangkok many years ago.

It’s was a real true love story before my mom get married to my dad they had a hard life in the beginning.

But now they have a good life. So, I am a romantic Thai Girl that love the romantic story. I like to meet a nice man who wants to stay here in Bangkok with me.

I am a hard-working Thai Chinese Girls who love to have goals in my life and want to work for my future. And I want to be treated like an equal and hardworking person and no gold digging Thai Girl.

But I love to go out having fun playing pool, etc. I enjoy being with my Thai friends and often invite my friends’ home to party.

I love going to the movies and look at new love movie but it’s much more fun if we are two rights? Is there anyone here on My Thai Cupid.

Are you interested to meet me in Bangkok? Maybe go to a cinema with me and have fun Send a message to me on My Thai Cupid. Hug Wai

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