Thai Girl in Bed

Thai Girl – Tuptim

Hi! Guys, I am a Single Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a Thai Girl from Pattaya but I live in Bangkok for the last 2 years.

My life is good I love to work I have a Job in an office and I work as a model too. My best friend is a photographer and I sometimes need help from me.

So, I ask him to help me with some sexy photos on me Ha Ha Ha. I hope you do not think I show to much of my body but I hope you will start to dream about me.

Also, I hope you do not think I am a Bad Thai Girl, I just want to make some guy happy. So, Guys I looking for an older man may be about 40 or something like that.

Also, is good if you like to learn some new Langwish like Thai I can talk a bit English. If you want we can have some fun and I can teach you some Thai if you want.

I also, see they have a Thai learning site on My Thai Cupid Pod101 Learn Thai Today. I think I will try that English one they have.

So, My English gets a bit better talking is my problem like many Thai people. But I hope you are a man that loves Thailand and travel many times.

I hope you love Thai Food it makes my life easier and I love to cook. But I can not cook American or European food is something I don’t know about.

So, Now you know about me and I hope you love me and my Photo. Please Contact me so we can talk if you want I will wait for you. Hug Tuptim

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