Thai Girl – Tukky

HI! My name is Tukky and I live in Bangkok. I am a single Thai Girl that just surf around a bit today to find a new dating site and google show me My Thai Cupid.

I don’t know if I will find love on this website. But I like to try. Is so many beautiful Thai Girls here! So, I don’t know if I will have that chance to find a love.

I want a good relationship with a man from this website. I think I am looking for an older man maybe 40 years old or something like that.

It’s my first time trying to meet a man from America man or Europe man. I have a friend that has an American boyfriend and he is a nice kind man.

Its why I like to try to find a man like this. He was in Bangkok last week and he gives me a big hug. So, now I know why Thai Girls like older and bigger man from America.

It was just a hug but ha ha ha it was good. I can not steal him from my best friend. Let us talk about me and my life I live with my family and we have a house outside Bangkok.

My dad has a car shop and I love cars and fix them. I know its not a girl work. But I don’t care about it. Thai Girls can work with cars too.

My dad teaches me all about cars that I know. So, if you need some help with your car I not bad on that. Now I just need to meet you and if you are a car lover I will love you more ha ha ha. Hug Tukky

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