Thai Girl – Tui

Sawadee I am Tui a Single Thai Girl Looking for an Australian Boyfriend. I have been a Single Thai Girl for many years now and my best friend just surprises me.

She just tells me that she will go to Australia and live with an Australian man. I know she was on a trip to a friend in Rayong last month.

That was not a trip to a friend it was a secret love trip ha ha ha. She tells me she try My Thai Cupid and Thai Cupid and find love.

I don’t know where they start to talk. But they find love. So, I want to try and see if I can find love like other Thai Girls.

My friend says her Australian boyfriend is so romantic and nice to be with. I was surprised to hear my friend try a Thai dating site.

So, now I am on My Thai Cupid as a first try and maybe later I must try Thai Cupid. I am a Thai Girl that live and are from Bangkok.

My Family have a 2 floor house just outside Bangkok. Also, I have 2 brothers that are older and one little sister that just turn 16 years this week.

I am a Thai Girl that love handcraft I sew clothes and jeans and decorate with Pearls and stuff that we Thai Girls like.

So, I love to do these things. Therefore, I am so happy when my friends let me have some fun with there old jeans or a dress.

But I also like to travel I been around Thailand and Myanmar. But I have been looking on Youtube about Australia and New Zealand love to try to fly with an airplane long way.

So, If you are a single man let us talk and see what happens and if we are lucky we can find love and I can be your Thai Girlfriend. Hug Tui

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