Wine lover look for a Boyfriend

Thai Girl – Sinee

Hi! I am a single Thai Girl that hope to find a good Boyfriend. I am Sinee a Thai Girl that live in Bangkok with my best friend in a nice apartment.

So, I am looking for an American Guy that loves wine and maybe working with wine. I love Red wine and I have a job in a wine and liquor shop in Bangkok.

It’s something that been growing in my life. I know many Thai people start to learn more about wine and I am one of them.

So, I think wine is something we can start to talk about. I love American wine but also wine from Europe like Italy and France.

But I love Merlot wine but I find new wines all the time that I love to drink. So, I hope to find a wine lover that can help me to find new wines and love.

So, what do you love? Ha Ha Ha Thai Girls, wine and love, I think is a great combination. I have the same dreams and thinks that I think on.

The Single Guy and wine and love and romantic dreams. The first kiss and the first meeting in real life is fun but also scary in a good way you know butterflies.

So, do you want to meet a crazy wine lover as your Thai Girlfriend? If so send me a message and tell me about your life and what is your best wine that you love to drink.

So, now I will wait and see what will happen and if that is a single guy that will be my Boyfriend. So hurry up guys I am single now but you never know. Hug Sinee

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