Thai Girl looking for Love

Thai Girl – Siam

Hi! I am a Thai Girl that wish to find a Boyfriend. So, I am a Single Thai Girl in Bangkok and I wish to find a good boyfriend.

Therefore I hope someone comes to to find his Thai Girlfriend. I hope and I like to try it I know a friends sister come to meet an American man.

They are happily married and have twins and live in Florida. So, I did not find the profile of her and story, so I try to make my own story.

If not I like to copy some parts it must be a good story. So, let’s try I will open my heart for you guys and hope that you are nice to me.

I work a lot and I not so much into other Thai Girls and gossip and shopping like other Girls. But what I love is my coffee shop.

Also, I love to talk and be friendly to customers. I love to work so if you want a Thai Girlfriend that sit home and do nothing don’t ask me to be your Thai Girlfriend.

So, are you a man that wants his Girlfriend to be a part of his life. A man that wants to build a life where we do all together.

Also, I hope that I can give something to my future husband. Some guys just think about sex and boobs but I think about more.

So, I hope you think my way is not to crazy. I think and hope you like to come and tell me what you think and if you have an alternative? maybe.

So, I know what you want and maybe I will love it and we can find love together. So send me a message and lets us talk about the future. Siam

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